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Training & Placement

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


Jain Group exceptionally committed legacy proves its reliability year after year. Training & Placement cell has strong networking with industries, academic institutions and corporate and it acts as mentors for all its institutions. Placements so far have been a testament of the ever-increasing faith that the industry has on Jain Group and its students. The Hercules effort of Jain Academic & Placement team has proved that our education system converts a student to employable professional.

Placement Year                                                                     2020-2023
Degree                                                                                        Both for Degree and Diploma
Number of student Registered                                      325
Number of companies visited                                       13
Number of student placed                                               278
Number of offers Made                                                     Aprox 2  per student  
Minimum Salary                                                                 12,500/-
Maximum salary                                                                 41,600/-
Average Salary                                                                     23,000
Minimum salary (International, if applicable)      -
Maximum Salary (International, if applicable)     -
Average Salary (International, if applicable)         -
Average Salary percentage for last 3 years           22000/-
Recruiter list (at least 10 year)                                      Enclose
Internship Details (if available)                                   Yes Available
Placement Report PDF (if available)                          Send As Attachment

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